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Transition Kitchen

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Transition Kitchen Foundation's Strategic Plan Mission Statement:

Teaching life skills through culinary arts, while also exposing learners to the endless

opportunities in the food and beverage industry.

Strategic Goals:

To transform a community space into a commercial catering kitchen where I will be

able to teach children, young adults, and ex offenders about culinary arts.

To equip students with the skills needed to become employees within Transition

Kitchen and also obtain help with job placement through staffing agencies.

What is the purpose of Transition Kitchen?

The kitchen will be serve multi purposes such as:

A home base for Transition Kitchen drop and go catering services.

A hands-on interactive classroom

An opportunity to rebuild relationships with law enforcement by implementing a sweet

treat package. The sweet treat package will give students the opportunity to deliver

the packages of sweet treats to local police departments who participate in the

program. This provides a way for law enforcement and children to engage with one

another through positive encounters.

What other organizations/corporations have joined

forces with Transition Kitchen?


These organization have pledged their support to Transition Kitchen:

-Publix pledges job placement to any student who successfully completes the

Transition Kitchen Program.

-Dress Your Best for Less has pledged to give 100 suits to young men to wear to job

interviews upon completion of the program.

-Hospitality Staff, Hospitality Staffing Solutions, and Personal Plus staffing agencies

have agreed to assist with job placement of students who successfully complete the


       For more information regarding the program or registration contact us at:


                                           Phone: (667) 217-6454



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